Building a Deck

 This weekend we (and by we I mean Mike and his dad and not me at all) started our first semi-major home improvement project. Tearing down the deck and replacing it with a mini deck! Mike calls it a landing but I think mini deck sounds like more fun (Yes?). I took the picture above during our home inspection and as you can see the deck was not in great shape. The home inspector told us that the deck was beyond its useable life and I think that was putting it nicely. We had someone come out and give us an estimate on tearing down the old deck and building a new one and lets just say that's when we decided this would be an in house project. Lucky for us Mike's dad dabbled in contracting and thus has all the knowledge, and tools, one would need to take this project on.

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We toyed with building another larger deck but because of the shape of our house thought that might be challenging. We also thought about doing a low deck that would wrap around the guest room, but we were told if we have an issue with mosquitoes (we do) then low decks are not a good idea. So the plan became to do a little landing off the back door with steps down to a patio. The patio is probably not going to happen til the spring sadly since we have so many other projects that are a higher priority level.

I barely had time to grab my camera before the old deck was down. It took seriously 15 minutes for them to remove the old deck. I thought I was worth of being on the demo crew, but the other members of the team did not agree. Instead they gave me the *important* job of hammering nails into the wood they removed. ha!

As you can see we don't have an alley, and since we're up a big hill, we are able to drive down the length of our neighbors property to load and unload materials.

Once the old deck was down these two got down to business making plans for the mini deck, and heading off to get materials. Thankfully Zoe, and Louis were there to supervise. In what felt quick to me (since I was inside painting) there was a new structure up in place of the old one. I understand this was a very complicated process but since I was again, inside painting and ahem, watching football I can't really comment on everything that went into it.

I'm really impressed by how much progress was made in one day and can't wait for the project to be finished (hopefully) this weekend. Also, how attractive is Louis? So attractive, right?

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  1. this is going to be amazing!!

  2. Love it! You guys are quite the productive little homeowners! And the pictures of Louis and Zoe are hilairious...clearly they had a long day supervising all the excitement.


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