It has not escaped my notice that I have a great many things to be thankful for. Friends and family, and Highclere obviously. Also my champion show dog (only half kidding). This past week I was also so very thankful to have a few days off work. Mike was out of town with his family so Zoe and I mostly laid low. I slept a lot people. It was wonderful. I read Gone Girl which was intense and unexpected. Also, we haven't talked about Ender's Game. How is that? It has some of the same elements and themes as the Hunger Games series (ahem badass children) and I gobbled it up in just a few days. Let's talk more about this another day shall we?

This past weekend when Mike got home we tried to accomplish some things around the house. I finally painted the dreaded yellow living room so it is no longer offensive to my eyeballs. Yet another thing I am thankful for! I put cute contact paper in our ratty tatty cabinets which I feel was a significant achievement. I also bought some silly Christmas decals to hang in the windows. I get the feeling Mike is not that impressed by them but I find them pretty charming. Truthfully, I'd like to just go buck wild with Christmas decorations this year since we have a house and could feasibly do so. I'm talking crazy blow- up snow men and signs to the north pole and an unseemly amount of lights. Mike on the other hand is looking to keep it classy. We shall see where we end up on this one.

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  1. i say go buck wild!!! except for the blow-up decorations, those are a little too cheesy for me.

  2. I just read gone girl too!! I am desperate for someone to talk about it with!!! Thank goodness you have read it.


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