Sweet Baby Jesus

Friends! I'm such a bad blogger. Let's catch up with bullet points. Yes? 

 I recently tried this beer and Sweet Baby Jesus is right!  Chocolate + Peanut Butter + Beer = Great Success. 

I'm still not done with this project and I'm starting to have nightmares involving stenciling walls. It might not be rocket science but it is a pretty time consuming endeavor. Perhaps sometime in the next 6 months I will have the after photos for you stencil enthusiasts. Or perhaps the stencil will defeat me. At this point it's tough to know.

I'm trying to really limit the amount of meat we eat here at Highclere so I was delighted to find this delicious recipe for spinach lasagna. Highly recommend. Also! I had it in my mind that crock pots were hugely expensive and something one only acquired after months of careful financial planning. Then I was informed that they are $20. Ha! So I am now the proud owner of a crock pot! So far I've only made one recipe - a butternut squash soup but it is also delicious and vegetarian. If anyone has any vegetarian crock pot recipes I'm all ears!

The warm weather this weekend was such a treat. Mike and I biked down to Eastern Market for brunch and a peak around the market. Has everyone tried the Market Lunch stall? Those chocolate chip pancakes are so delightful. 

Also how cute is Zoe's new dog bed? It's actually just a new cover for her old dog bed which was a bit past it's prime after almost 2 years of constant use. It was $13 at Target but I can't find a link for it so I would suggest just heading to Target if any of you were wanting to copy Zoe's street style.

Whew. I think we're all caught up now. Have a nice week everybody!

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  1. Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Beer? Oh my! I LOVE Market Lunch and it has been forever since I've been. Definitely on my to-do list before we move this summer.


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