Ta Da

me looking quite tuckered out after finishing the triathlon

Look at me blogposting twice in one week! Huzzah!

As I write this my arms are still sore from completing the Iron Girl Sprint Triathlon yesterday (!) This was my favorite race I’ve done so far of any kind and I liked it so much that I’m having to resist the urge to sign up for another tri this summer. I’m finding that triathlons are fun and motivating but also pretty expensive so I think I’ll be waiting til next summer to do another. I may actually just do this one again since I so enjoyed it!

The key here was in recognizing that I’m really a touch too lazy to train for the Olympic distance triathlons (of which I did two last summer) and that I’m much better suited to the sprint distance.  I felt a little like it was cheating doing the shorter event but for the amount I’m willing to train (not much) the sprint tri is really perfect. Basically I wasn't cursing everyone under my breath during the run as I was in both races last year. A great success if I do say so myself.

And thank you to Aunt Peggy for snapping this one photo of my from race day. Looking good rocking my medal and carrying a beach towel as triathletes do.

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