Let me start by saying Bonjour! Je suis ici! If you're noticing a certain je ne sais quoi about the blog today that would be because I am currently 4 weeks into French classes (!) I would summarize the class as a blend of hilarious misadventures in pronunciation, and a somewhat humbling experience because, my but learning a language is hard. There’s a fun sense of camaraderie in the class and I’m happy I’m making a go at learning French but I’d be lying if I didn't say it’s a bit of a struggle to make myself go to class two nights a week when we all know I'd rather be at home with Zoe Bun Butter. In general, I waver between feeling like I’m making solid progress in the class and could maybe execute some simple conversations on any future trips to Canada (Should anyone, anyone at all, ever want to go to Canada with me, anyone?) Other times I think learning another language is basically impossible and I wonder that I even deign to try. But try I shall and perhaps there will be a trip to Montreal for me in the end.

In other news, I just finished a re-read of the whole Harry Potter series. There is something so comforting about returning to these books and I love reflecting back to where I was when reading them previously. In high school, in college, In South America, and now as a 31 year old (eeek!) in D.C. And honestly I think the books are more charming every time I read them. 

 I never got around to posting about our time in Scotland last fall, but I absolutely adored it and if I had my druthers I would live in Scotland in a small town where I’d be friends with lots of senior citizens. With this in mind I found myself anxiously following the British news in the lead up to the Scottish independence vote. Clearly I have no business feeling one way or another about whether Scotland voted for independence but for some reason I felt very invested in the outcome. I suppose I’ll just say IF the Scots had wanted their independence and gotten it that would have been very moving. Since they wanted to stick with GB I feel good about that too. kind of. 

Because Michael is a prince he indulges me in my farm loving whims and recently accompanied me to a local farm for apple picking. Clearly we also brought our main squeeze Zoe along since she so enjoys a good car ride through the country.

In recipe testing news I made these biscuits for the last book club and I've found a recipe for lemon curd from Clodaugh Mckenna which is, I believe, the most impressive thing in my not so extensive cooking repertoire.  


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  1. So fun that you're taking a French language course. I've always wanted to do that and treat myself to a trip up to Montreal - we're so close, living in Maine. (I have heard that the French spoken in Quebec is a little different though... who knows!) How exciting! And I was the same way about following the news in Scotland last month because of our trip there in May. Aren't the connections/experiences you make/have while traveling so fascinating and wonderful?

    Good luck finishing up your course!

  2. I will volunteer to go to Montreal with you!!


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