Hello Friends! Here we are again in the depths of winter. It's been so dreadfully cold lately that I've started to question whether I really belong in Vermont. I asked Mike today if there was somewhere comparable to Vermont in a warmer climate. Surely there must be?

A little life recap:

The holidays were lovely. Mike tried to talk me into a Charlie Brown sized tree this year which I rejected with only a very mild tantrum. So now we have a big beautiful tree which takes up half our living room. Not reasonable, but very festive! Our family ordered Chinese food for Christmas dinner this year and I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite way to celebrate Christmas. No cooking, no cleaning and lots of delicious food already packed into tupperware for leftovers. Voila!

In pop culture news, Mike and I spent much of November and December binge watching all 4 seasons of Homeland which we'd never see before. Season 4 almost gave me a heart attack but I enjoyed every minute of it. During these weeks of intensive Homeland viewing I decided to 1) quit my job and 2) go to work for the CIA. I actually looked at the CIA employment site to see what skills I have that they need: none! Also I'm 99.9 % kidding about working for the CIA but I do sometimes tell Mike to call me Carrie Matheson. He doesn't find it creepy at all.

I think this year I've really got a winning strategy for getting through the winter. Kerry and I are going to Tulum, Mexico for 4 nights later this month (!!) and Mike and I are going to Thailand & Vietnam for two and a half weeks in mid -February (!!!!!!!). Spending time each day researching and planning these trips is doing a wonder for my mood. It's so nice having something fun to look forward to and to know I will have a little break from the frozen tundra that is DC these days.

What else, I've let Zoe get just a touch plumpy and now I'm too embarrassed to take her to the vet. Eeek! I keep telling her it's natural to put on a few lbs in the winter but that the diet starts tomorrow. Basically Zoe and I are on the tomorrow diet which means the diet never actually starts. It's a pretty good system I think.

And that's all for this super cold and dreary Tuesday!

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