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 Life is feeling pretty great these days. I'm delighted by the warm weather and feeling extra thankful for our beautiful house now that I'm getting to spend lots of time in the garden (full farm report still to come). It's also been a treat to have Mike around more now that his work schedule has leveled out a bit. We recently took advantage of this by taking a little day trip to Piscataway Park which has a little colonial farm with heritage breed animals and some trails along the water. Zoe was a big fan of the chickens and the cows but I am all about their gigantic pigs. One day when I have a farm, I'll also have pigs and it will be spectacular.

I'm gearing up for my second semester of nursing prereq classes and feeling only mildly sorry for myself that I'm going to be cooped up in a classroom during the fun summer months. Pretty soon I'll know all there is to know about the human body. kidding. But it does feel like my teacher expects me to know everything about the human body. Eeeek!

In other news Mike and I are in the early phases of preparing to remodel our kitchen. And by this I mean to pay someone to remodel our kitchen. Obviously. We're not going to let our precious free time go to something as ridiculous as chores.

And that's the update for this blessedly warm final week of May!

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  1. What a fun update! So exciting about nursing school. Happy almost-summer!


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