Happy Friday!

It's Friday. We've made it through another week! I'm going into the weekend with the right balance of free time and things to do which I feel good about. Tomorrow sister Kerry and I are headed to Pet Fiesta in Reston to volunteer with K-9 Lifesavers. I'm a fancy Adoption Counselor and Kerry is a lowly dog handler but we will both have equal access to hoards of puppies!!! The picture above is of her majesty the dowager countess lady Zoe, who we got from K-9 Lifesavers a year and a half ago.

We will also be celebrating the birthday of Kathryn of GPE blog fame on Saturday, and Sunday I am going to brunch at the O Street Mansion!

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  1. ZOE!!! She is such a loveable cutie, but honestly I think she looks way too smiley here to be anything like the dowager countess.

    so excited for your new blog!


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