28th Year Bucket List

Last summer when I turned 28, I decided to make a 28th year bucket list with 28 things I wanted to accomplish before my next birthday. Some of the things were really easy and silly like make a cake, and read Jane Eyre (done and done), and others require a bit more planning like sailing down the Potomac, and picking blueberries (still need to do). Now that I'm closing  in on birthday number 29 (eeeeeekkkk!) I am trying to really get down to business so that I finish my list!

On the agenda for the next couple of months are:

Drinks at the W

A trip to Monticello

Monticello's West Front with Fish Pond

and going to Lucketts 


Yes, big things are happening in these parts.

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  1. I'm also working on my bucket list - but so far, it's one major goal per year. Last year, I rode my bicycle in a Century - 103 miles. I was one of the last to finish (I started late too) but I did it.


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