Brookland Home and Garden Tour

A couple of weekends ago MoCo and I went to the Brookland Home and Garden Tour. It was so fun and festive and made me wish I lived in Brookland. Really, Brookland is so great. Most underrated neighborhood in DC in my mind. Not a lot to do there per se, but It feels really neighborhoody and its clear there is a great sense of community among all the homeowners.

There were 12 houses on the tour- that ranged from pretty large, to fairly modest townhomes. There was also a nice range of really old homes to homes that been recently gutted and were pretty much brand spanking new. There were some really KILLER yards on this tour and it made me wish princess Zoe had a yard of her own. sigh.

At the end of the tour there was a big BBQ with cotton candy and beer and everything at the house in the picture below. Really I had no idea home tours could be so fun.

How cute is Mother Courtney in her peace shirt?Just ignore this rude gentlemen walking into my carefully posed image.

Forgive these images below. I had taken some great photos and then managed to delete them. Fail. Still, how much do you love these kitchen finishes?

While looking for one of the homes on the tour we came across the Franciscan Monastery. SO Charming. They have a huge piece of land behind the building which I gather people are free to walk around.

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