This week

I am a terrible blogger. I was suspicious that would be the case before going in to this, but I've definitely confirmed it this week. Lots of blogging ideas, not a lot of actual blogging. Oh well.

Last week I got a cold that sort of knocked the stuffing out of me if you will. I slept all day Thursday and a lot of the day Friday. I told myself I would have a really productive weekend, but didn't quite manage it. Now I'm back at work/internship/class and just trying to think of everything in baby steps.

One thing I did want to post about was my first trip to the Red Hook Lobster Truck. I've heard so much about these lobster rolls that I wanted to try one even though I've never really been a big lobster fan. I think I was hoping the lobster roll experience would be so magical that I would find a new appreciation for lobster. So I shelled out $15, took 2 bites, and my assessment is that you do, in fact, need to like lobster in order to enjoy a lobster roll. Shocking, I know. But I gave the roll to a coworker who said it was a great lobster roll so I think the problem is not the lobster roll itself, but the fact that I'm ridiculous and shouldn't have bought a lobster product in the first place.

I hope everyone else is having a great week!!

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