A Koozie Situation

We have almost no cabinet space in our current apartment so a lot of things end up being left out and about on counters. The biggest problem with this arrangement is that our whole koozie collection is on display. This is not to say that I'm not proud of our very extensive collection of koozies, but I do sometimes wonder if there is another, ahem, more classy way to store them. Cabinet space is unfortunately not an option. We've used big glass jars before, but the less bendy koozies (like the I heart Aruba one below) don't fit well. Any ideas on better, classier koozie storage options?

Right now we stuff some of them into a little glass bowl we got at a wedding, which doesn't even begin to hold all of them. Also, we have more than are pictured below. I can't believe I'm admitting this in a public place. But honestly, how sad is it to have a cold beverage get warm prematurely.

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  1. wow, that is a lot of koozies. who knew you guys had so many? i think you need a designated koozie shelf on the wall.


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