I can hardly believe it but.... we've bought a house!! We're moving in under two weeks (!) so the countdown is officially on. I've been falling asleep every night for the past couple of weeks thinking about paint colors (creepy?) and I'm on Craigslist looking for furniture non-stop.  I can't wait for Zoe to have her own yard, and for us to be able to host some proper shindigs. It feels like the perfect time to move and we're so thrilled with the house we ended up with. It feels like your grandparents house (in a good way) and we can't wait to make it our own.

Obviously the first priority was finding a suitable name for such a beautiful home. I refer to my mom's house as Pemberley, so I was tempted to stick with the Jane Austen theme. I considered Donwell Abbey, and Hartfield, but they didn't seem quite right. After much consideration, I've decided that our home shall henceforth be called Highclere! For those of you who may not be aware, Highclere Castle is the real life Downton Abbey. 

For now here's a quick photo of the porch on Highclere. Majestic, I know.

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  1. Can't wait to see it in person! It looks positively charming :)

  2. Highclere sounds like the perfect name. Can't wait to house warm it!!


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