The Villa

I am positively giddy about our new house and everything that lies ahead, but there is also a part of me that is feeling very nostalgic and just a touch sad about leaving the villa. This little basement bachelor pad has been Mike's home for over five years and my home for almost four. I can't tell you how many times I told people I thought Mike was going to make us stay in the villa til we were 80. And even though we've been house-hunting for almost a year, it still feels crazy that we're really leaving.

The villa is where we lived for some of our more, shall we say, irresponsible years. I remember so many Sundays waking up with 7 or 8 friends sleeping in our living room after a late night out in Adams Morgan. So many weekends where we had nothing really important to take care of so the whole weekend was dedicated to grilling out, going out, and taking an unreasonable number of naps. Clearly we can still do all of this in the new house, but it feels a little like we're growing up (single tear).

I cannot believe I'm putting these images on the interwebs, but here are some photos from a few years ago when the villa was particularly bachelorpadesque (that is before I got my hands on it).

The stacked tvs of course was the villa's signature decor style.

A shamefaced look into the fridge. (At least I had some raspberries!)

ugh... those cabinets...and note the bowl full of koozies on the fridge!

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