29th Year Bucket List

It's taken me a little while to put it together but below is the first draft of my 29th year bucket list! And yes, I do mean draft since I feel free to edit it during the year if something that isn't on my list strikes my fancy and I lose interest in something else that is on my list. Although, I'm thinking by putting this on the blog I'm already feeling more accountable. Just like last year many of the things are really small, but some are a little bigger.

 I've already seen Machu Picchu but it seemed like an appropriate photo to accompany my bucket list since it. was. awesome.

Lindsey’s 29th Year Bucket List
1.       Go Camping
2.       Take Zoe sheep herding
3.       Make homemade fruit roll ups
4.       Go to a Civil War reenactment
5.       Watch a polo match
6.       Host a Brunch
7.       Cook Mussels
8.       Read an Earnest Hemingway book
9.       Take jumping pictures in front of the capital
10.   Get Zoe on Daily Puppy
11.   Learn Photoshop
12.   Brunch at L’Efant cafĂ©
13.   Early Morning Trip to Zoo
14.   Sailing lessons
15.   Read Wuthering Heights
16.   Capitol Dome Tour
17.   Hillwood Estate
18.   Take a painting class/or drinking painting event
19.   Visit the Crab Truck
20.   Blueberry picking
21.   Make a pie
22.   Brunch at Masa 14
23.   Take a polo lesson
24.   Perfect the bloody mary!
25.   Jazz in the Sculpture Garden
26.   Get a DC Library Card
27.   Trip out west
28.   Skeet Shooting
29.   Plant a tree in our new yard

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  1. you have inspired me to make my own bucket list!

  2. You should!!! Or a blog about Buckley!!


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