Inspector Lewis

Hello Friends! As you can probably tell by the long silence here things are busy again. Working at a University means the beginning of the semester is a little hectic even when you are no longer a student. I'm also still finishing up at the internship so blog time is limited. Except, really, I'm still finding time for non blog things (see below) so perhaps blogging just isn't terribly high on the priority list at the moment.*

Watching Inspector Lewis is my new favorite hobby. Me and MoCo (short for Mother Courtney for anyone who might have missed that) share an enthusiasm for PBS programming so I bought the complete first 4 seasons so we could really become proper Inspector Lewis fans. I'm really more of a Sergeant Hathaway fan than an Inspector Lewis fan, but that's neither here nor there really. The shows are mildly silly but I prefer them to all those newfangled Law and Orders and CSIs and whatever other nonsense American police shows exist. Plus there are lots of beautiful shots of Oxford.

* In my defense I have a rather rickety old laptop that's on its last legs and only the outlet in our bedroom accepts the 3 prongs of my laptop cord so spending time on my computer at home is a nuisance at best.

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  1. I watch this show with my mom too! Such a good one. The rule of thumb around our house is that if there is a British murder mystery on PBS on Sunday, my mom is either watching it or DVRing it.

  2. Are you British? I am, but me and my bf are planning The Big Move to America next year, as he is 1/2 American and hankering to have some time in the US :)

  3. I'm not British. haha I'm just a big fan of British people and culture! Good luck planning the move! I imagine it will be quite the process!


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