The Weekend

Hello Friends! I hope everyone had a lovely fun filled, yet relaxing weekend. I know I did. Friday Mike and I tried Meridian Pint for the first time. It's amazing how much Columbia Heights/Petworth have changed since Mike lived there 6 years ago (!) Now that Columbia Heights is one of the closer neighborhoods to go for dinner drinks I have a feeling we will be trying many of the new neighborhood establishments.

Saturday me and rammer jammer yellow hammer spent all morning in the garden then me and MoCo spent some time at Benjamin Moore and West Elm. This is where I admit to you all that I've totally lost my mind and have 8 paint samples on the dining room walls. Do I realize this is excessive? Yes. Do I feel committed to a color yet? No. Mike may need to stage an intervention in the near future.

Saturday night we went to celebrate the wedding of a dear friend at this place which was so charming that I am now dying to go back for brunch. 

Sunday I went and rescued this little number from craigstlist. It is brand new from West Elm (I even saw one in the store with MoCo on Saturday.) You can see what is looks like it a nicer looking photo here. Obviously I did not pay that price for my craigslist find, not even close. How do we feel about me introducing every new piece of furniture I obtain via an instagram on the blog? Tell me you think this is as much fun as I think it is.

Sunday I also hosted a brunch, thus accomplishing one more item on my bucket list. More on that tomorrow. and Monday our bonus day I headed to my first Nats game of the season. How did I let it become September before getting down to the ballpark? Oh well. Better late than never!

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  1. seriously love that table! nice find. and paint colors are so tough... maybe let Zoe choose?

  2. September baseball is the best kind! Mostly because of the cooler temperatures and playoff games!

  3. cute table! hey, it is completely normal to be unsure of what color to choose. I mean, you're gonna have to look at it every day! I like the contenders though :)

    xoxo Jess

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