I'm almost ashamed I haven't introduced you all to Mazie before. Well, here is she in all her glory. Mazie is my mom's 8 year old Labrador that we got from Lab Rescue a couple years back. Almost five years after losing our precious maggiewaggers my mom had decided she was ready to adopt another dog.

So we drove out to the shelter where Mazie was staying and talked to the kind folks of Lab Rescue who told us "she's a bit dominant but a really sweet dog". We took her on a short walk to get a little alone time with her and on the way back she kept trying to climb into the trunk of our car. We knew we had to take her.

If you're wondering about the name, Mazie Rappport is one of my mom's favorite social workers, so naturally, she named our dog after her. Well, usually she is Miss Mazie Rappaport anyway. Sometimes when she is being particularly fussy we call her Gertrude, or Gerty for short (The dog, not the social worker, to be clear).

Mazie has to be the bossiest dog east of the Mississippi but we love her anyway. We like to think of her as a leading lady with strong opinions who sticks to her guns. These days Gertrude lives a life of leisure patrolling the fields and searching for snacks. I always tell MoCo she is giving Mazie such a nice retirement, but MoCo insists that Mazie isn't so much retired as she is in a senior management position at Pemberley.

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  1. I love that you joke about Mazie's "job", I do the same thing!


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