The Weekend & The Table

Things are coming together at Highclere, slowly but surely. This was the first weekend where it didn't look like a hurricane had just blown through the house. Or at least the first weekend where it didn't look like that in every room. On Friday night Mike and I went to Menomale (again, I know) and made a game plan for the weekend. Not only did we actually write out a list of things we wanted to accomplish while waiting for our pizza to arrive, but our conversation was also peppered with phrases usually reserved for pre-game locker room talks such as "we need to go out hard" and "really stay focused". A little ridiculous I know but it worked!

We cleaned, we unpacked, we spent a good amount of time at Home Depot, we waged what I consider to be a very successful campaign against the vines growing  on the side of the house and, most importantly, we gave the grill another go round. And that was just Saturday! Sunday Mike found this little beauty on craigslist in Purceville, VA so we hopped in the truck with the princess in tow and headed off to make it ours.

The table is from Hoskins Creek Table Company and actually came with two benches. For now we're giving it a go with my other favorite craigslist purchase these red chairs. 

Hope Everyone had a nice weekend!

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  1. Love that table. cant wait to hang out at it.

  2. Such a great table! I love that you guys had to pump each other up, we do the same thing at our apartment!!

  3. Seriously great table and I love the combination of seating! I can just picture us gathered around it for the next installment of book club...

  4. i can't wait to have brunch here!


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