As promised I am back with my photos from Antietam! This turned out to be such a fun day trip that I would seriously consider going to another reenactment this fall.

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Getting out to Antietam took close to two hours from Brookland which felt like a real journey when that involved hitting the road at 8:30 am. By the time we were just approaching Antietam I had already decided I was crazy for making the trip. And then we pulled into the parking lot and this is what I saw.

How could you not love this? These are people dressed in civil war attire riding horses through the parking lot. The trip out was already worth it in my mind.

There were events all weekend but we just went for the reenactment on Sunday afternoon which was supposed to be the biggest event of the weekend. We were told there were 3000 or more reenactors there  including people from all over the country. Pretty wild right? There's more. The people we were sitting behind were from CANADA (!) and they had flown down just for the day to see this. Did you catch that? Canadians... at a civil war reenactment in Maryland.

When we arrived there were different groups of "soldiers" marching all over the place. Some were posing for photos, others just relaxing, others seemed to be rehearsing. These guys were really into it. The actual battlefield was really beautiful and it was fun being able to mosey around before the "show" to see all the reenactors getting ready.

As you can see I wore my most respectful pink shorts to the event.

And then it was time to get back to the sidelines to watch the battle! I wasn't sure what to expect, but for some reason I was picturing some hand to hand combat. haha. Not so my friends. It was mostly a lot of marching, and yelling, and smoke from guns and cannons. And my personal favorite, the fellows limping off the field and playing dead.

This guy was my personal favorite.

And the ending, you will not believe. Basically everyone took a knee while some first aid workers came to tend to an injury on the field.  And then the union soldiers just started marching off. And that was the end. High comedy my friends.

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  1. this looks awesome. I definitely need to go see this sometime. Ps - the shorts are awesome too.

  2. Thanks Lori! I copied sister Kerry on the neon pink J crew shorts!


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