Vermont Part 2

I know you all thought you escaped Vermont part II. Nope! I'm back with more photos!!!

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Our third day in Vermont we started the day by hiking around Quechee Gorge. I'm using the term hiking liberally here since it was about a .5 mile leisurely walk along the gorge to the dam overlook. ha! The gorge is beautiful, but really pretty small.

Then we popped into nearby Simon Pearce for a look at the beautiful glass products that we can't even begin to afford, and to see the glassblowers in action. This part of the visit was a lot more fun than I was anticipating. The glass blowers seem to like chatting with the tourists who stop in and they happily answer questions and explain their process. Really it was incredible to watch all the work that goes into one of their wine glasses for instance.

After Simon Pearce we headed to Sugarbush Farm to sample maple syrup and Vermont Chedder Cheese. I have to admit this stop was a little overwhelming. While everyone there was very friendly and the views were spectacular, the small shop and tasting rooms were crammed with lots of people, and lots of children running around on what I imagine must have been a maple syrup high.

Still, I loved getting to try all the syrups and cheddar. I now know I like fancy grade maple syrup and extra sharp cheddar for anyone who might be curious about those particulars. We also had this delightful lemonade which I could only partially enjoy after reading Michael Pollens new book. We'll discuss that later.

After a full morning we headed back to Woodstock to explore the town more fully for the first time since we arrived.The town itself may have been the cutest one I saw in Vermont replete of course with the Woodstock covered bridge.

As a little afternoon snack we stopped for ice cream which turned out to be so exceptionally good that after I dropped the cone in gravel when trying to peel the paper off I picked it back up, dusted the gravel off, and then proceeded to keep eating it. Not a joke. This is the type of shenanigan Mike doesn't usually allow me to get away with but he knew how good this ice cream was and let me do it!

After a little down time back at the Inn, we headed over to the Harpoon Brewery. We were hoping to do a tour but we seemed to be there a little too late in the day for that so we just sat outside and enjoyed a couple of beers and appetizers. So pleasant. If I lived in Vermont I would do this regularly.

The next morning we got up early to start the long journey back to DC. After receiving  recommendations to do so, we had breakfast sandwiches at the South Woodstock Country Store which was right next to the Kedron Valley Inn. The sandwiches were delicious and I felt like we had found a little hidden treasure since we seemed to be eating with all the locals. 

I had insisted on blueberry picking before we left so we made a slight detour to the most picture perfect little blueberry farm so I could achieve my dream. It was all self serve, honor code system with a box you just stuck your cash in. So very Vermont. They even had these little plastic buckets which I thought were a pretty fashionable accessory.

And for the grand finale we stopped in Grafton so I could see one more general store, and one more pretty white church before driving south.

Such a great trip. I'm hoping I can make a return trip happen soon.

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  1. Love your photos and the whole travelogue in general! You guys packed a lot into that trip! Also, the ice cream looks incredible...definitely a worthy candidate for the 5 second rule.


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