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I recently bought myself this tote bag from Everlane after seeing their t-shirts posted on Cup of Jo. I always agonize over purchases, even little ones, so I wanted to put a full endorsement of this bag up since I'm so pleased with it. It's such a nice no fuss tote bag and it was $35 bucks which in my opinion is the right price to pay for a purse (not that I don't love my trusty Longchamps which I received as gifts). Being a traveling gypsy I need a large bag and this one fits the bill perfectly. It has a nice big pocket and manages to hold all the treasures I like to carry around with me on a daily basis.

Since colder weather is almost upon us and this seems like more of a summer bag than a winter bag I'm thinking I might also treat myself to the tote bag in black. To be clear, usually I just carry one bag year round because I'm too lazy to think about these things, but somehow this seems like an easy decision. It feels a little frivolous, but I think these bags will last a long time and it's hard to picture something like this going out of style. Thoughts?

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  1. Seems like a great all-purpose tote! I'll have to remember that - I'm always looking for great travel bags but agonize over picking things out in the same way. Love the stripe, but the black would indeed be great for fall/winter. And if you find something you love, I say go for both colors - especially for that price!


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