As I mentioned earlier, last Sunday I hosted my first brunch at Highclere. Even though I accidentally left a burner on and filled the house with smoke (such a me thing to do) I think the event was a success! It was really nice having a chance to catch up with some of my favorite ladies over mimosa's and french toast at a casual weekend pace. My only regret is that I only took 2 blurry photos* of the day. Oh well. I guess it just means I'll have to host another brunch!

I got my french toast recipe out of Gwyneth's cookbook which I lovey love love. Most of the recipes in the book are pretty simple with not too many ingredients and are somewhat healthy. She also doesn't have any recipes which include red meat or pork, so it's a good fit for me since I don't eat either. I read some reviews of the book on amazon which were really critical of how simplistic the recipes are but since I'm definitely a novice in the kitchen, and truthfully never plan to spend a whole evening putting together an elaborate meal, these recipes seem just right to me. Perhaps if you like fancy items I'd suggest a different book.


 And here is the blurry photo of the table setting. I bought this and this in honor of the day and I feel good about both purchases.

*In the top photo you'll see a sneak peak of our kitchen. How I hate those ugly cabinets. And you'll also notice our hideous dining room chandelier poking into the photo. It will be gone as soon as I get my life together to remove it.

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  1. Everything looks awesome! I am now craving French Toast... so sad I missed it!

  2. We missed you! Looking forward to next Thursday. The french toast was fantastic :)

  3. I will have to check out that cook book!!


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