The porch

As I've mentioned before Highclere is up a pretty serious hill. The downside is it means we have to walk up 400 stairs every day, but the upside is that our porch feels nice and private. I think the porch might even be the highlight of the house. The patio furniture situation however, is not a highlight. It's actually a little embarrassing. Did I say a little? I mean a lot. We've even got our broken American flag chairs out there. ha! Sadly I've realized that patio furniture is pretty pricey so this might be the situation for the foreseeable future. Also note that we had to put netting up to keep Zoe bun butter from hopping off the porch every time a dog walked by.

So this is where we're at for now. Hopefully by next summer the furniture situation will be improved.  Also on the old to do list is getting some pretty ferns to hang in the planters (which currently just house dead plants left to us by our predecessors).

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