Pumpkin Patch

For the past few years sister Kerry and I have been going to the best little pumpkin patch in Howard County, MD. It's not big and tacky like others I've been to, rather small and quaint with just a handful of people picking pumpkins. It's one of my favorite little family traditions. The farm has a little petting zoo,  a hayride, of course, and a cute little shop which sells local crafts and produce. We lucked out this past weekend and had amazing weather for our little pumpkin patch excursion. I'm so happy we were able to fit this in with everything else we've got going on these days.

We learned that these little flat pumpkins are called cinderella pumpkins and they are extra sweet and often used in pumpkin pies.

And here is my little bounty. I'm actually tempted to go back in a couple of months to cut down our own Christmas tree! Wouldn't that be fun?

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  1. Great pictures! It looks like an adorable little pumpkin patch and like you guys had the perfect day for a visit. Let me know if you end up going back to cut down a tree...Greg promised me that we could have a real one this year!


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