2 Years

Dear Princess Zoe, aka Mama Bear, aka Scrumpy, aka Jamberry, aka the Dowager Countess, aka Sugar Foot: 

Happy 2 year Adoption Day! I can't believe it's been two full years since we picked you out at an adoption event and brought you home. You really gave me a run for my money that first year, but you are without a doubt, worth every bit of effort we put into owning you, and much more. What a fun loving, adventure seeking pal you've turned out to be. Since having the pleasure of being your older sister I've learned the value of a good walk and hike, of seeing the sunrise (every day), of playing tug of war to LMFAO songs, of being outside, especially in our own yard, and of stopping before that very last beer (to allow for previously mentioned sunrises). Tonight you will get all the belly rubs you desire, as many games of fetch as you can handle, and of course lots of treats! 

In honor of your adoption day, I will also be donating to the wonderful Darlington County Animal Shelter in Darlington, SC, where you were plucked off the streets and sent north to find a new home. We are so grateful for their work, and the work of K-9 Lifesavers here in DC, for bringing you to us.

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