Museum of Natural History

The highlight of my weekend in NYC was, hands down, our trip to the Museum of Natural History, which was so much cooler than I was anticipating. Mike and I opted to do the hour and a half museum tour since we happened to arrive just before the last tour of the day started. Our tour guide was 82 (!) and so energetic and enthusiastic about the museum. He whipped us around the museum with quick stops at some of the most famous exhibits which was great for us since I tend to get easily sidetracked by gift shops (of which there are many in this museum) and then miss a lot of the museum. ha

Also. Let's talk about why kids get to have all the fun learning about outer space and dinosaurs. Why is it my everyday life doesn't involve these fun topics? Mike sometimes tells me I have t-rex arms but that's about the only time dinosaurs are spoken of at Highclere. Note to self. Must get dinosaurs and outer space back into a more regular rotation of things I think about.

The rest of our weekend was unstructured noodle around time which is always something I enjoy. Hope you all had a nice weekend and are off to a great start with your weeks!

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  1. You guys should check out the DC Natural History Museum. They updated the human exhibit!


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