The Weekend

I spent most of the weekend at home with the dogs. Mostly noodling about but I also repainted the bedroom. (Already, I know. That's what happens when you accidentally buy a semi-high gloss paint and attempt painting your high ceiling bedroom before you own a ladder.) Friday night we happened upon some friends at Union Market and joined them for a great meal at Rappahannock Oysters. If you have not been there yet, go! Everything is so so delicious. Saturday we had friends over for Quesadillas and this game - really my kind of Saturday night!

As you can see my copy of the Smitten Kitchen cookbook has arrived! I read it in bed last night, and on the metro this morning (is that weird?) and am so excited to make some of her less complicated recipes. Also of note, I've turned into a crazy bird lady. I spent perhaps 10 minutes at the hardware store admiring the different bird feeders on offer and planning the bird oasis which will soon exist in our backyard before leaving with a 20 pound bag of bird food. My what a quick descent I've made from normal urbanite to quirky garden club stalking bird lover. That's right. I am (ahem) still trying to break into the Brookland Garden club. Perhaps I'll start my own club. Who's in?

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