The Weekend

Friends. Hello. How are things? I'm only mildly depressed after Zoe's third herding lesson this weekend as it looks more and more like perhaps, just perhaps, Zoe will not be a herding champion after all. The little noodle couldn't have been less interested in the sheep this weekend. Rather she couldn't have been less interested in the sheep she was supposed to be herding although she was very interested in the sheep in a separate but nearby pen. Ho hum. Maybe dock jumping will be more her thing. I kid! Kind of. 

Other than that the weekend was really nice and full of fun outings. Mike had a friend in town so we took him on a little distillery/brewery tour in NE DC.  I had been to DC Brau and Chocolate City before but it was fun to go back on a cold Saturday and sit inside while sampling some of the brewskies. I had not been to New Columbia Distillery before and was pleasantly surprised by what a fun stop that was. I couldn't bring myself to sample a warm gin without any tonic on hand, but one of the owners runs the tour himself and his enthusiasm for making gin made the tour pretty great. I love when people geek out about their craft. There were a fair number of people at all the breweries and the distillery so it seems a lot of people have the same idea of grouping these places together into a little tour. When it's a little warmer out I'm thinking biking from place to place would be pretty great. 

And this shot would perfectly capture Zoe's herding lesson. Note that she could not be less interested in those there sheep. Harumph.

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