Guys! I did it. I finished the Columbia triathlon this morning. My legs feel like wet noodles, and my bottom is oh so sore from the bike ride, but I am WILDLY proud of myself for finishing. Let me tell you, there are some really fit people out there, and I am not one of them. I felt a bit fraudulent amongst this set of people. A little doughy, if you will. I walked most hills, and flailed around for the first ten minutes of the swim. I think my novice status showed particularly in that I was riding my mom's 20 year old hybrid bicycle, which feels awesome to me because it's so much faster than Eleanor, but I guess is a little less legitimate than the bikes people bust out for triathlons?
On the whole it was a pretty fun day and I could *maybe* be persuaded to do another in the future. Maybe sprint distance? My dream would be to find a race where you swim and bike but don't run. Running is the worst, am I right?

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