The Weekend


Mike and I had another busy weekend which happily included lots of good food and some progress on Highclere's prestigious gardens. On Saturday I talked Mike into going to historic Bowie (if you're local you'll see why this is humorous). Historic Bowie basically consists of roughly one block. But in that one block's defense it is a pretty cute block consisting of a few antique shops and a cute little restaurant with some delightful ice cream. After lunch we biked on the BWA trail in a somewhat pitiful attempt to squeeze in a little triathalon prep!
Also on Saturyday, Mike also built us 2 raised garden beds. Hip hip! We acquired a LOT of free dirt from the dump (which is awesome by the way) and then I spent my life savings on some other dirt to mix it with. I planted (drumroll please) cucumbers, squash, spinach, and green beans! Also marigolds for cross pollination purposes. Once I've saved another small fortune to spend on dirt I'll be planting carrots, brussel sprouts, peppers and tomatos in the other garden bed.
This weekend was also the Monastery's annual plant sale. I scored not one, not two, but three blueberry bushes! Three varieties, again for cross pollination purposes. I don't know if I'll get much from them this year but I'm hoping next summer there will be blueberries galore in the yard!
Also pictured below, a massive hole next to our basement back door where contractors are working away on widening the steps and door frame so that we can eventually finish and furnish the basement!


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