Today I'm home from work for a snow day (!!!!!!!) so I'm making a little time to blog about the next stop on our trip... Amsterdam! As previously discussed I picked Germany and England as destinations for us since we have friends living in both places. In between the two stops Mike suggested we spend a few nights in Amsterdam. Mikes been raving about Amsterdam for years, but since he was 22 years of age on his last trip to the city I thought perhaps we would be looking for different things in a travel destination.. Ahem. Here I must admit Mike was right and I was wrong. Amsterdam is one of the loveliest places I've been and it was such a pleasant surprise to discover what a charming city it really is. 

Things I loved: the architecture, the dark paint colors with the wooden houseboats, the shopping, the french fries (!) and most importantly how bike friendly the city is! I'll admit the first few minutes on a bike felt pretty dicey since you're contending with not only cars but also lots of bike and pedestrian traffic. Within maybe 15 minutes though you just adjust and you realize the cars are not in fact DC taxi drivers trying to run you down, but rather friendly individuals who don't seem bothered by bikes. We rented bikes for the 3 days we were in the city and we loved riding them everywhere, but especially in the big beautiful parks.

So that was it. Mostly we biked around. and ate. I'd love to go back the next time I'm in Europe and stay in a houseboat and maybe check out some more of their lovely restaurants. And really if we're planning vacations we can't afford then I'd also love to see more of the rural Netherlands and all the tulips... A girl can dream.



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