Things I'd Like to Remember About Right Now


A list in no particular order of things I'd like to remember about right now:

How great snow days are. Today being the third snow day of the year I am feeling particularly fond of snow. It's funny, isn't it, how when you're a kid it doesn't even occur to you that adults are also a fan of snow days. Zoe, as it turns out, likes snow the best of anyone. More evidence that she would also like to live in Vermont (hi Mike!)

How much enjoyment I get out of reading cookbooks. This is a little silly since I pretty rarely cook out of them. They are always floating around the house from room to room as Kerry is also a cookbook reading enthusiast.

How I find trips downtown for happy hours or dinners out both slightly exhilarating and slightly overwhelming. It's hard to imagine that I lived in Adams Morgan for 5 years and now I go weeks without going into the big city, as I've come to call it.

How funny Frasier is! I remember thinking the show was funny when I was a kid but I have been positively delighted by it now in my older years. It's campy and dippy and I simply love it.

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  1. I loved this post! I might snag the 'things I'd like to remember" idea if that's ok. :-) I fell in love with Frasier again when I was on maternity leave. Great show!

  2. I love this too - such a lovely way to think about things :) Moment in time!


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