A Smattering of Rarebits

And just like that winter is behind us. Wheeeeeee! I remind myself that I DID live in California and I DID miss distinctive seasons whilst there. And yet I reserve the right to feel downright giddy now that dreadful miserable winter is over and warmer weather is upon us.

I’ve been listening to some book themed podcasts lately. Mostly this one, and this one. The first one, Books on the Nightstand, is unabashedly, wholeheartedly, ridiculously nerdy. If you picture this SNL skit you will have a fair idea of what I’m speaking. The second one, the Slate Audio Book Club, feels less embarrassing and a touch more literary. I binge listened to maybe 10 of them since I've read many of the books they've discussed. De-Lightful.

Under the influence of said podcasts I’ve also been persuaded to give audiobooks a go. I QUITE enjoyed listening to One More Thing by BJ Novak, aka Ryan of The Office fame, and now I’m working on Going Clear, because really I’m always looking for new things to feel depressed about and a book about a somewhat humorous but also quite ruthless cult seemed like just the thing!

Kerry celebrated a birthday recently. In honor of the occasion I baked her some magical shrinking cupcakes!! Full sized when out of the oven, but and this is important, miniature later in the day when it came time to serving them. Which leads me to ask…Who are these people with the thoroughness to succeed at baking?  I did HOWEVER buy this  book after listening to a particularly lively episode of the Splendid Table and now I feel like a little less muggle-like indeed! Behold my second loaf of bread. Hip Hip!

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