Pineapple Margaritas

Lately I've been wanting to class it up a bit here at Highclere. This involves (among other things) keeping liquor on the bar cart, as opposed to my cookbook collection, and learning how to make cocktails. What could be more proper. So when I saw a recipe for pineapple margs on pinterest I decided that making and then indulging in said margs would be a good activity for Betty and I while the gentlemen folk toiled in the kitchen brewing beer.

You can see that Betty was a real trooper working that blender on our living room floor since on brew days we're banned from the kitchen. Not pictured are the 3 grocery/liquor stores I dragged Betty to for our ingredients. Also not pictured is all the labor intensive pineapple chopping and lime squeezing that was involved. The margs were definitely delicious but Betty and I both agreed we felt like our throats were maybe closing up due to the high volume of pineapple pulp we were consuming. Lord I don't know. Maybe I picked the wrong recipe or maybe I'll never be a mixologist but beer sure seems easier. Also, Hi. Liquor is kinda pricey. Still I'm thinking I should at least give mojitos and pimms cups a go before I totally quit on this lark. If anyone has any good and EASY cocktail recipes do tell!

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  1. Gin, ginger beer, soda water, frozen limes. The ginger beer jazzes it up and excites people without it being a lot of work!


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