Snowzilla!!! We have not had a good snowstorm for ages in D.C. The last one was before we got Zoe, and well before we moved to Highclere so I was thrilled when the Capital Weather Gang predicted a big storm. I kept telling Zoe she didn't know what she was in for. Predictably, Zoe LOVES the snow.  Less predictably, for someone who struggles with winter, I ALSO love the snow. We've been getting up early every morning and heading out to explore. On Saturday when the streets hadn't been plowed yet and there were no cars in sight I let Zoe do wind sprints up and down Newton Street which  was a real thrill for her, especially when we found other neighborhood dogs doing the same thing. I keep thinking that I wish we lived somewhere that had more snow, and where Zoe could get a little more off leash time. If only there was a state up north with lots of snow and wilderness. Oh that's right, that would be Vermont! Or maybe Montana. Lately I've been trying to talk to Mike about Montana. I don't know.

ALSO, I've watched about half of Making a Murderer and I don't know if I can watch anymore. There is so much unbelievable nonsense happening in Manitowoc. How have all these fools not been fired.

Finally, Nursing school has been cancelled due to the weather so I'm still trying to get my life in order before it starts. I still need some books and scrubs and super nerdy all white shoes. Womp Womp.


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