Here we are almost to May and might I add almost the end of my first semester of nursing school!! When people ask me how I like nursing school I say "it's a lot of work but I'm learning a lot" which I think is probably the most upbeat way I can describe it at this point. I am however thrilled that I am no longer at a desk job, and I'm pretty delighted that being in school means my days are a bit more varied. It's also been nice having more time at the house with Zoe even if I am just admiring her while learning adventitious breath sounds (kill me). 

I'm gearing up for some fun trips this summer which include traveling around Eastern Europe and Spain, and a Burgoon family trip to LA. Also in the works is a maybe trip to Asia and a Petersen family weekend. You might be wondering when I'll find time to get a job.... and the answer to that  is that I've decided that unemployment is simply much more fun than working so I shan't be getting a job! So basically this is shaping up to be the Summer of Lindsey which I hope will involve lots of bike rides and porch time with Zoe. And that's all from this sunny Sunday in April!

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