Adams Morgan

Because I'm 28 going on 40 I find Adams Morgan a little overwhelming on weekend evenings. There was a time when I happily took part in the reverie but now I find the swarms of young* professionals** bar hopping on 18th Street to be more than I can handle. I actually like AM the best on Saturday and Sunday morning when the neighborhood is gloriously empty and serene.

Zoe is also a big fan of weekend mornings in AM. She's figured out that drunk people + jumbo slice means leftovers!!! Seriously she finds pizza crusts scattered all over the neighborhood on Saturday morning and I can tell she feels the thrill of the hunt when she successfully searches out the pizza remnants tucked in bushes and other secret hiding spots. I imagine every Saturday morning she must think it's Christmas.

So like any responsible dog owner I brought my camera out to try to document her pizza hunting. Unfortunately whenever she finds a piece she magically becomes the most discrete dog in town and won't show me her face. I tried to catch her red handed in a photo but as you can see from the photo below she has a real knack for avoiding being caught on film. I know I shouldn't encourage this behavior but I feel like this is as close to hunting as this little hound dog is ever going to get so I allow it once in awhile.

Here's the pizza hunter stalking her prey.

* I swear they get younger every year
** by professionals I mean interns

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  1. Awwww. Zoe seems so awesome. I love her!

  2. Ms. Zoe is really quite the entrepreneur! Does she do consulting?


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