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Friends, things around these parts are busy. Sister Kerry and I graduated* from our respective grad schools over the last two weekends,  I started my summer classes, and work is a little nuts right now. I'm also transitioning into working at my job just part time for the summer so that I can also work part time for an organization more closely related to my degree. 

Also lately, I insisted on dragging the family out to Lucketts, VA to go to an antiques festival, and earlier this week I went and saw Jonathan Adler speak at the Corcoran. He was just as pithy and preppy as you would hope.If I felt like $165 was the appropriate amount of money to spend on a pillow then I would certainly own this. or this.or perhaps this.

In other exciting news, last week I purchase my first adult dresser** and made some killer sloppy joes (thanks for the recipe Rachael!) This is Zoe inquiring after some of said sloppy joes. She has no dignity.

* Kerry is a real graduate, however I am a fake graduate. I still need these summer classes before anyone will actually give me a diploma.

** And by adult I do mean it was $25 on craigslist and is missing some pieces so it looks a little suspect. Overall I still feel good about it.

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  1. Your blog is adorable, and so is your dog! New follower!

  2. Thanks for the shout out! So glad you like the recipe :) Looking forward to drinks tonight!


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