I thought it was time to formally introduce my trusty steed Eleanor. (What you guys don't name your bikes?)

Mike got Eleanor for me a couple of years ago off craigslist. At the time Mike was riding his bike all over the city and I was steadfastly refusing to give biking a try. I was too nervous to ride in the city, and I wasn't comfortable with hand brakes. This is when Mike resorted to bribing me with my very own beach cruiser. Eleanor and I took a little while to hit it off but now I bike pretty much every day. She's great because she's simple, no fancy gears, but she really knows how to party.

 I had been meaning to take some glamor shots of Eleanor for awhile and this weekend I had the perfect opportunity to capture her splendor in her natural habitat when Mike and I biked the Mount Vernon Trail.

I've been thinking about getting her some ribbons for the handlebars, or those glow in the dark things for the spokes but I already get a lot of stares riding a beach cruiser around DC.

It's almost offensive how good looking she is right?

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  1. She's a beauty! I think when I move out I will be purchasing a bike before any of the apartment essentials... In my mind there's no chicer way to get around town! Thank you for your sweet comment just now and keep up the good work! :)


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