The Weekend

 I'm dragging a little after staying up entirely too late playing a never-ending game of Catan. Mike and I rarely let someone step in our front door without imposing a game of Catan on them. It used to be guitar hero but I like to think we've matured a little.

This weekend sister Kerry is graduating with her MSW so there will be graduation festivities all around. Sunday I'm going to the drum circle in Meridian Hill park with my grad school pals to celebrate our impending graduation next week. Just to be clear, I won't be playing any drums, just eating and watching other more musically inclined people get down.

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  1. hey now, we've been over several times and never forced to play this Catan game. Should I feel insulted? ;)

    Next time we come over you'll have to teach us to play. Just based on your photo of the board alone, it looks like it's right up my alley - a complicated thinking game that I can easily beat Matt at.

  2. What a complete oversight! We will treat you to rousing games of both the regular Catan and Catan seafarers to make it up to you!


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