Biking the Mt. Vernon Trail

 One glorious weekend morning after taking Zoe out at the crack of dawn I fell back asleep until 11:30 or so. Trust me when I say that much sleep is hard to come by in these parts. One would think that getting that much sleep would be the highlight of my day, but then, one would be wrong. When I finally leisurely got myself out of bed I found Mike in the living room with the bike rack and our bikes. Did I want to drive to Alexandria for brunch and then bike down to Mt. Vernon? Yes!!!So we loaded up the car and off we went!

We ate lunch at the Columbia Firehouse. The food was sort of mediocre but the restaurant had great patio seating which I usually feel delivers a win even when the food is meh.

 The ride itself is actually pretty easy, even on a single speed like Eleanor. From Alexandria down to Mt. Vernon was about 7 or 8 miles so the round trip takes a decent amount of time if you bike at as leisurely pace (as I most certainly do). There were lots of picnics happening along the water which would be pretty fun to do the next time I get out to the wilds of northern VA.

 There were also lots of ominous looking signs like these which I took to mean bike at the pace of molasses. There were also lots of cute old wooden bridges.

I'm wondering what other fun bike rides might exist in DC that I should consider. Thoughts?

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  1. Oh! This looks like so much fun. I so need a bike


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