Friends! Hello! Sorry for the long absence!  Let's catch up. A couple of weekends ago sister Kerry graduated from Catholic's School of Social Service. It was actually my first time on Catholic's campus and I was surprised by how charming it was. It has beautiful old stone buildings and lots of grass! So different than GW and not what you would expect based on the view from the metro. Here is the little graduate.

And a nice photo of her and her friends where I am clearly jumping in on someone else's photo taking session.

And finally one of me with the new social worker.

They had some festive spray paint on the grass. This was the best picture I could take because Mike kept jumping in front of the camera. seriously.

And we got a nice view of the Basilica while leaving campus. The top of the basilica kind of looks like native American beading right?

 Congratulations sister Kerry! You did it!!

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  1. Yay Kerry!! Ps lindsey, I just caught up on your posts--loving it! You may convert me to a blogger...

  2. Do it!! You and Alex are such adventurers!


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