Memorial Day

  I was lucky enough to get out of town for Memorial Day to a friend's cabin in VA. I was so giddy driving out of town and into the mountains! You can see I was even documenting the memories!

Such a pretty drive. I didn't really take many pictures once we got there but luckily for you all Lori took some great pictures of the trip. Mostly our days involved cold beverages, games, and eating. It was exactly how I would design any long weekend. But! Before you go thinking I'm lazy I'll have you know it was also a productive weekend since I was able to check not one, but two things off my bucket list - canoeing and Monticello! The canoe instructor was grumpy and wouldn't let me bring my phone on the canoe with me so sadly no pictures of that adventure but I did at least get the Monticello pictures!

The house was beautiful but I must say a bit smaller than I was expecting. I was thinking more along the lines of Pemberley if you will. The grounds and the view were pretty sweet though. Jefferson and his fam are also buried at Monticello which I didn't realize so there's a charming little graveyard there as well. 


I would love to take credit for this action shot but it was all Matt. All in all a pretty successful weekend I think!

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