Shirlington Dog Park

Last weekend was really hot and miserable so we took Zoe to the Shirlington Dog Park so she could cool off. Shirlington has a pretty sweet dog park. It's really long and so much bigger than the average dog park so it works out better for dogs (like Zoe) who sometimes get a little overwhelmed in the tight quarters of a normal dog park. The Shirlington dog park also parallels this little stream. The water portion isn't fenced in, so this wouldn't work if your dog's a runner but there are usually a lot of dogs outside the fence anyway. 

Since last Saturday was so hot the stream was full of dogs. Zoe's a noodle and won't swim but she does love to wade in to cool off.

I'm sorry, but how cute is this bulldog chasing Zoe. I took lots of photos of just him but then thought it would be creepy to feature someone elses dog so heavily on my blog. ha

And here is the little rammer jammer on the way home.Looking dignified as always.

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  1. omg! we have been meaning to take Bowser here forever, but still haven't gotten around to it, even though he doesn't really like to go in the water either. He might if there were other puppies in there to play with.

    Zoe looks so content!

  2. What a joy to see so many dogs playing with each other and enjoying life! Years ago, when we had a dog, there were no dog parks and no leash laws. Dogs regularly got into turf fights, so we were afraid to allow dogs to "socialize." How sad!


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