The Weekend & Lost Rhino

Hello Friends! I'm back from a very refreshing weekend! We went out to the Lost Rhino Brewery in VA on Saturday with some of our friends that live out there. It has a really festive atmosphere inside despite it's location in the middle of a surburban business park. We tried to do a tour, but it's pretty informal and they don't seem to run on any schedule so we got hungry and left before the next tour started. We did spend some time sampling their different beers though and I thought it was a fun trip. There were a lot of (if you can believe it) non hipsters there filling up their growlers and some nice surburban folks just hanging out on a Saturday afternoon.

Afterwards we went for dinner and I discovered that I like oysters! I'm already looking forward to the next time I can have a few. We never did make it to Moonrise Kingdom (fail) but we did play 4 hours of Catan which was, in my opinion, a successful Saturday night.

And we had our favorite friend, Louis over on Sunday evening. Jowls that glorious should be illegal in my opinion.

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