Things at Highclere are moving along, slowly but surely. We still have stuff all over the floors but our bedroom is painted (!) and I've hung some art in the kitchen which makes it feel like home.

In the past week I've eaten at Menomale twice. It's that good. And it's in Brookland. Victory!

In other, less exciting news, Zoe  has decided that she isn't afraid of heights and hopped off our porch Saturday night to go greet some dogs passing by. Thankfully the neighbors and their dogs were all very nice about it but now we have to figure out how to keep Zoe in the yard so doesn't become a neighborhood bandit stalking every dog that walks down our street.

She looks so innocent doesn't she? Hard to believe she's such a raggamuffin.

Speaking of yards,  I bought some plants and potting soil in an effort to avoid being the laughing-stock of the garden club. However, every time I set foot in our yard I get (at least) a few mosquito bites. I would say over the course of the day, every day, I am getting between 10-20 mosquito bites (and sometimes more). I've tried bug spray with no deet, bug spray with lots of deet, running around the whole time I'm outside (not kidding) but I am defeated at every turn by the little monsters. Does anyone know of any good solutions for living with 3 million mosquitos? Do any of those candle things really work?

Hope everyone is having a nice Monday!

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  1. im not sure if this really works for mosquitoes but when I used to ride horses (read: for 2 months when I was 8) we used skin so soft on our skin to avoid bug bites..

  2. I'm going to try it! I'll try anything. This morning I was pulling weeds in sweatpants. haha

  3. have you tried one of those super-cool and stylish mosquito fans that you wear on your belt? I think they are called OFF-Clip Ons. I have used them before and they seemed to work... There is also spray that you can do around the perimeter of your yard (one that is safe to use with pets!!) -- I have been trying that this past week, because our mosquitos are out of control too. It smells terrible but so far seems to be working... I'll have to update you again on that to see if they actually stay away..

  4. I also happen to own a neighborhood dog stalker. Her name is Madison, she's a Schnauzer and she's pretty sure that she is apart of the local police force and must inspect every passing dog!

  5. So funny Greta! Aren't dogs so ridiculous?!


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