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 I may have felt just a teensy bit sorry for myself when we moved to Highclere and I had to start taking the metro to work. I know, I know, the DC metro is pretty pleasant compared to others in the states, but still, riding Eleanor was so much more fun. In any case, I'm now pretty used to the commute and I'm enjoying the extra time I have to read. 

Usually I can't swing reading two books at once, but for some reason this combo is working for me. The Marriage Plot is fun, but moves about as fast as molasses, and Innocent Traitor is, you know, historical smut, so very enjoyable (!).

I also recently finished this book which was delightfully sappy and kind of made me want to be a heart surgeon. 

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  1. The Marraige Plot looks so good! Let me know your final review :)

  2. Does this mean you have already finished State of Wonder? I'm nearly done and like it a lot. Ditto on your final review of the Marriage's been on my list!

  3. I am a book club failure and haven't started State of Wonder yet. Ha! I'll let you ladies know how I like the Marriage Plot in the end. :)


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