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I can't believe it. My two weeks of freedom are just about up. Eeeek! I had grand visions of accomplishing a lot around the house, of taking fun day trips, of generally doing things that two weeks off affords. But, instead I mostly just laid around the house. The first week was taken up by Christmas prep and family gatherings and by week two I couldn't muster the strength to do anything that could remotely be considered productive. It was so cold that day trips felt like they would be a little depressing. And I can only blame pure laziness on my lack of interest in chores. Paint a radiator? Or sit on the sofa eating cookies and watching Pride and Prejudice for the third time? Is it just me or is this an easy decision?

Really though I think these two weeks were just what I needed. I'm looking forward to the new job and the fresh start of the new year. Happy New Year friends!

P.S. Hail!

More photos after the jump!

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  1. Happy New Year L! Hope your first day went swell!

  2. Love the photos of the dogs in the snow! That one of Louie is a particuarly great capture. Hope everything goes well in the first days of the new job!


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