It happens every year. Really a couple of times a year if I'm being honest with myself. I go a little crazy with the sweets. I start snacking a lot. I forget that what I eat correlates to how I feel (and how I look). So I'm starting in on a cleanse which seems fitting for this time of year. I always feel like I sound a little crazy when I tell people I'm cleansing but allow me to make a case for this cleanse before you think me a noodle. I bought the book Clean a couple of years ago when I was feeling particularly unhealthy and was hoping to find a little motivation to be more mindful of the things I eat. The book is written by a doctor (Alejandro Junger) and really makes a compelling case for giving your body a break now and then from the food we normally consume. Dr. Junger advocates for eating foods which are easy to digest, and doing two liquid meals a day (soups or smoothies) made from the easy to digest foods in order to allow your digestive system some time to reboot. There's no starvation involved. I eat when I'm hungry, and stop when I'm full. To be honest I've never made it the full three weeks that the program prescribes but I've gotten great results just doing 1-2 weeks the few times I've done the cleanse. I lose a few pounds, and feel better, but the main thing is that it helps me regain a sense of an appropriate portion size, and of how often I need to eat. The cleanse reacquaints me to healthy snacks, and reminds me that it's ok to pass on a cookie now and then.

 With that in mind I'll be cleansing next week! Feel free to join me if you're feeling like you've also had one too holiday cookies!

 Bon weekend!

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